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Resources for Math Students

The math graduate and department office is here to support students and the academic mission of the math option. Start with our office and we will do our best to answer your questions.

Elena Mantovan, Executive Officer

Elena monitors all graduate student policies in the department. Students are encouraged to consult with Elena if they are facing any issues during their studies.

Yi Ni, Graduate Option Representative

Yi monitors student academic progress, approves completion of degree milestones, and signs most of the graduate forms and petitions you are likely to encounter.

Sofie Leon, Graduate Program Director

Sofie coordinates academic tracking, advising, graduate student admissions, recruitment, student work assignments, and student engagement in PMA.

Mika Walton, Graduate Affairs Administrator

Mika helps with administrative issues for math graduate students like scheduling qualifying exams, coordinates student pay, and interfacing with the graduate office.

Meagan Heirwegh, Undergrad Affairs Administrator

Meagan provides support for all math courses, including assisting with TA assignments, coordinating TA training, and organizing course logistics.