Undergraduate Student Photo Contest

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There is an end in sight for the Math Building construction! We're going to need something to decorate the math office. We would like to create a photo collage to hang on the wall. Specifically, photos of a favorite/significant number (rational or irrational) and a brief explanation of why it's significant. It could be 6 - the age at which you discovered your love for math, 1.11 – the X-Files episode number that made you want to be a scientist or ϕ – because learning about the golden ratio blew your mind. The number can be represented in any way you choose – a number on a house you see walking down the street, stones you find on a hike in the desert arranged to represent the number in Braille or the page number of a book. Be as creative as you'd like to be.


First Prize - $100 Amazon gift card
Second Prize - $50 Amazon gift card
Third Prize - $25 Amazon gift card

How to Enter

  1. Take a photo of the number. The photo must be taken by you or someone you were with from whom you've obtained permission to use their photo. Do not use a photo you found on the Internet.
  2. Send heirwegm@caltech.edu your photo, an description of why that photo represents that number and a brief explanation of why the number is significant.


  1. Content closes at noon on May 21st.
  2. This contest is open to all Caltech undergraduate students.
  3. If your photos is selected, it will be displayed in the math office with some or all of your explanation and your name. If you wish to remain anonymous, please let me know when you send in your submission. Many submissions will also be posted on the Math Undergraduate Studies Page.
  4. Keep the photos appropriate! We reserve the right to prevent the display of any photos/explanations deemed inappropriate.

Questions/Comments/Concerns? – Contact Meagan (heirwegm@caltech.edu)