2020-2021 Astronomy Course Schedule and Websites

For information about all courses, including those not offered this year, please refer to the Caltech catalog here.

Astrophysics 1 - The Evolving Universe

Spring     Dr. Djorgovski        

Astrophysics 20 - Basic Astronomy and the Galaxy

Fall     Dr. Hallinan     W 6:00 - 6:55 pm     Course Webpage

Astrophysics 21 - Galaxies and Cosmology

Winter     Dr. Djorgovski

Astrophysics 30 - Introduction to Modern Research 

Fall     Dr. Martin     T 7:00 - 8:55 pm     Course Webpage

Astrophysics 31 - Writing in Astronomy

Spring     Dr. Howard

Astrophysics 101 - Physics of Stars

Fall     Dr. Kirby     TR 2:30 - 3:55 pm     Course Webpage

Astrophysics 102 - Physics of the Interstellar Medium

Winter     Dr. Hillenbrand

Astrophysics 105 - Optical Astronomy Instrumentation Lab

Spring     Dr. Hillenbrand, Dr. Mawet 

Astrophysics 111 ab -  Introduction to Current Astrophysics Research

Fall     Astrophysics 111a     Dr. Hallinan     F 11:00  am- 12:55 pm     Course Webpage

Winter     Astrophysics 111b     Dr. Hopkins     

Astrophysics 119 - Astroinformatics

Spring     Dr. Djorgovski, Dr. Duev, Dr. Graham, Dr. Mahabal

Astrophysics 121 - Radiative Processes

Fall     Dr. Ravi     TR 10:30 - 11:55 am     Course Webpage

Astrophysics 122 abc - Astronomical Measurements and Instrumentation

Fall     Astrophysics 122a     Dr. Martin, Dr. Mawet     TR 1:00 - 2:25 pm     Course Webpage

Winter     Astrophysics 122b     Dr. Hallinan, Dr. Ravi   

Astrophysics 123 - Structure and Evolution of Stars

Fall     Dr. Howard, Dr. Mawet     MW 10:30 - 11:55 am     Course Webpage

Astrophysics 124 - Structure and Evolution of Galaxies

Winter     Dr. Hopkins

Astrophysics 125 - High-Energy Astrophysics

Spring     Dr. Kasliwal

Astrophysics 126 - Interstellar and Intergalactic Medium

Spring     Dr. Kulkarni

Astrophysics 127 - Astrophysical Cosmology

Winter     Dr. Martin

Astrophysics 141 abc - Research Conference in Astronomy

Fall     Astrophysics 141a     Dr. Kasliwal     F 4:00 - 4:55 pm     Course Webpage

Winter     Astrophysics 141b     Dr. Kulkarni

Spring     Astrophysics 141c     Dr. Ravi

Astrophysics/Ge 198 - Special Topics in the Planetary Sciences

Spring     Dr. Howard, Dr. Mawet

Astrophysics 215 - Seminar in Theoretical Astrophysics

Winter     Dr. Kasliwal, Dr. Kulkarni