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Vladimir Markovic

John D. MacArthur Professor of Mathematics
Contact information for Vladimir Markovic
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Mail Code: MC 253-37
Phone: 626-395-4350
B.Sc., University of Belgrade, 1995; Ph.D., 1998. Professor, Caltech, 2011-13; MacArthur Professor, 2013-.
Research Areas: Mathematics

Vlad's research output so far has been in the fields of Low Dimensional Geometry and Topology (including hyperbolic geometry of 3-manifolds and Teichmüller Theory), Geometric Analysis and Dynamics. His main results in geometry are the Surface Subgroup Theorem (a key ingredient in the proof of the Virtual Haken and Fibering theorems) and the proof of the Ehrenpreis Conjecture. The proof of the Schoen Conjecture is his main contribution to Geometric Analysis. The proof of the Thurston non-lifting conjecture is his main result in Topological dynamics.