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ZTF Spots Asteroid with Shortest Year

Whitney Clavin
ZTF has spotted a rare bird of an asteroid that orbits entirely within Earth's orbit.
animated asteroid image

Fast Radio Burst Pinpointed to Distant Galaxy

Whitney Clavin
In a rare feat, astronomers have pinpointed the place of origin of a fast radio burst, with a surprising outcome.
Owens Valley Radio Observatory

Spiraling Filaments Feed Young Galaxies

Whitney Clavin
The Keck Cosmic Web Imager's improved sensitivity and resolution are giving astronomers a better look at galaxy mechanics.
Artwork of growing galaxy.

Gil Refael and Nets Katz Named Simons Investigators

Whitney Clavin
Physics and mathematics professors named Simon Investigators.
Nets Katz and Gil Refael

Dexter A. Bailey, Jr., Appointed Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Relations

A nationally recognized leader, Bailey brings more than two decades of development experience to the campus.
Dexter A. Bailey, Jr.

Caltech Celebrates the Class of 2019

Judy Hill
Caltech celebrated its 125th annual commencement on Friday, June 14, 2019.
Caltech commencement

Students Receive 2019 Awards

Emily Velasco
Outstanding students from many disciplines have been presented with awards for their achievements.
A portrait of several students who won the 2019 Robert L. Noland Leadership Award

Cool, Nebulous Ring Found Around Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole

A disk of cool gas has been spotted rotating around the black hole at the center of our galaxy.
ALMA image of cool disk

How a Giant 'Thermos Bottle' Will Help in Understanding Antimatter

Whitney Clavin
Researchers at Caltech are building magnetic coils and a large cryovessel as part of an ambitious experiment to explain why antimatter disappeared.
Members of the nEDM team stand in front of their magnetic cryovessel experimental apparatus

Caltech Launches Merkin Institute for Translational Science

A gift to Break Through: The Caltech Campaign from trustee Richard Merkin will help Caltech scientists and engineers transform discoveries and inventions into advances in human health.
Richard Merkin