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Funding Opportunities


The Simons Foundation's Targeted Grants in Mathematics and Physical Sciences program is intended to support high-risk projects of exceptional promise and scientific importance on a case-by-case basis. The Simons Foundation division of Mathematics and Physical Science seeks to extend the frontiers of basic research. The division's primary focus is on mathematics, theoretical physics, and theoretical computer science.

NASA Heliophysics Program Science Mission of Opportunity

The Heliophysics Science SALMON-3 PEA will be based on the Standard PI-led Mission AO Template available at Proposers should read the  Heliophysics Science SALMON-3 PEA carefully when it is released.

Funding Agency Resources

The following list provides links to the agencies that provide the majority of grant and contract funds awarded to Caltech. Not all agencies/institutions have web sites. If you are looking for information regarding a particular agency or solicitation and have trouble finding it please e-mail Samantha Westcott for assistance.